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A construction takeoff is the process of measuring the various materials needed for a building project. The material amounts are measured from the plans using the scale provided on the drawings. The take-off is then used to determine the project’s pricing and construction cost estimate.

US BID Estimating has been providing construction takeoff services for the past many years to contractors, owners, vendors, and developers.

  • General Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Architects & Owners
  • Real Estate Developers and Vendors


A construction take-off involves assessing drawings and specifications to determine material quantities for a project, covering everything from concrete to electrical work. US BID, an expert estimating firm, offers accurate and efficient services, aiding in budget control, waste prevention, and timely project completion. Utilizing advanced technologies like Planswift and Bluebeam, our estimators provide precise estimates for various construction projects, facilitating bidding, material ordering, and cost monitoring. Whether it’s new construction or upgrades, our detailed Excel spreadsheets support project planning and execution.

Comprehensive and Trustworthy Estimates for Construction Costs and Material Lists

We specialize in providing precise construction takeoff services, including detailed and realistic estimates for the key materials required for your property’s development. Our objective is to save you money and prevent avoidable damage by giving accurate evaluations.

At US Bid Estimating, we take pride in being a trusted construction takeoff service provider. Our team consists of efficient and reliable estimating and takeoff professionals who know how to efficiently handle the job. We prioritize the timely delivery of construction estimation services, ensuring that project deadlines are met without compromise.

Utilizing advanced software and technologies, our skilled estimators can furnish you with in-depth material takeoff information. This data is acquired through a thorough analysis of your construction project, guaranteeing precision and reliability in our estimates.

Recognizing the significance of carefully compiled estimates for your construction endeavors, we are committed to delivering the best services available. We aim to provide you with the essential information necessary for the construction of a durable and dependable building.

Why Hire Us?

Delegate your tedious takeoff work to us and experience time and cost savings. Focus on what truly matters while our dedicated team of project managers and engineers handles the rest.

Key Features:

  • ✔️USA Based
  • ✔️Affordable
  • ✔️No Contracts & No Set Up Fees
  • ✔️Quotes are Always Free
  • ✔️Track Your Order via our Client Login Dashboard
  • ✔️Built On Transparency

What you enjoy when you work with us

Reliability Round the Clock:

Experience 100% reliability 24/7 – our team is at your service anytime, any day, delivering highly dependable estimation and takeoff information. While others may lack professionalism and accuracy, we offer immediate solutions.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

We employ state-of-the-art technology, encompassing superior software and hardware, ensuring the uniqueness of every piece of information you receive from us. Our commitment to thorough research and meticulous planning results in a construction built to last.

Transparency at Our Core:

Our company is founded on transparency. Every aspect of your construction analysis is derived from open and transparent processes. Understanding the why and how behind material requirements provides a clearer perspective on your construction’s development.


Estimating material takeoffs can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially for newcomers. Outsourcing takeoff services from companies like US BID Estimating proves invaluable. No need to hire a full-time estimator and increase overhead costs—simply pay for a professional estimate when required. Instead of investing hours in the takeoff process, benefit from outsourcing to US BID Estimating. Send us your plans via email, and we’ll provide a quote within a couple of hours.

Your Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

Being able to understand your exact requirements and after dealing with hundreds of clients each year, we have created an incredible construction takeoff and estimate template bids. While numerous takeoff firms exist, only a select few excel in accurate and precise estimating. Enter US BID Estimating’s construction takeoff services to meet that standard of excellence. All of this, along with a wealth of experience and technological knowledge, has resulted in us being unrivaled in gaining our clients’ success and trust.

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