Fire Sprinkler System Cost Estimate

In construction projects, one of the most important safety protocols is to ensure that the building is completely fire proofed. For this purpose, you ought to have fire sprinkler system cost estimate from US Bid Estimating & Engineering. Including a sprinkler system inside your office building, residential building or homes is a significant move that can save your loved ones as well as possessions.

Therefore, when you consider the installation sprinkler systems and other life saving devices, the cost of these devices might bother you. So, in this article we will discuss regarding the fire protection system cost estimate.

How is fire sprinkler system cost estimate done?

Type of the building

One of the elements that influence the price of sprinkler installation is the type of building you will be functioning with. The most convenient stage in terms of effort and cost is when the building is still under construction. This is for the reason that the team will have an effortless access to everything. At this stage there will be no need for cutting or tearing the drywall or any other material. If the installation of the sprinkler is done in a newly constructed building, the cost might increase $1-$2 per square foot. And for the retrofit of sprinkler in a finished building can increase the cost up to $4.

Moreover, retrofitting in historical buildings cost the most that is up to $10 per square foot.

Design and the material of the building

The next aspect that affects the fire suppression system cost estimate is the material and the layout of the pipe. The most affordable choice is the plastic pipes. However, metal pipes and copper pipes are also an alternative, but they might be expensive.

Is application of fire sprinkler worth the cost?

The damage fire can cause is lot more as compared to the cost of a fire sprinkler in a commercial project. A functioning and a well maintained fire sprinkler can control the spread of fire and even extinguish it fully. Moreover, if the property is empty, you will have a protection against fire.

Furthermore, civilian death rate is also reduced due to fire sprinkler systems at buildings.

Is there a chance of water damage through fire sprinklers?

Yes, there can be water damage through fire sprinklers. However, fire suppression system cost estimate experts at our company report that the water damage is lesser than the harm the fire can cause. Plus, the water damage is easier to repair.

Is it possible a fire sprinkler gets accidentally activated through smoke?

No, a fire sprinkler does not get activated due to odors or smoke. The sprinkler sensors respond to the heat and the activation temperatures are also adjusted according to the environment.

What are the other options for fire protection?

Apart from fire sprinklers, there are several other options that can protect you against fire. These include:

  • Fire alarms
  • Fire suppressions
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Emergency lighting services

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